Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power Washing?

Power washing is a high pressure method of atomizing water to a fine mist which is more like steam or air than water.  This allows us to remove the algae & moss areas of all exterior surfaces.

Can this process be done for most exterior surfaces?

Yes, especially exteriors of buildings, concrete, aggregate, brick, vinyl, walkways, awnings, andnpatios.  This process can bring back the color of faded and aging exterior surfaces on your home or business.

Will Power Washing cleaning harm my house exterior?

No, we use low pressure and adjust it to remove surface dirt, pollutants, grime, and mildew to produce clean results.

Is the Moss Inhibitor that is used harmful to my landscaping, animals, people, or the environment?

No, the agents we use are completely biodegradable.

Can my old grayed wood fence or deck look new again?

Yes, we can rejuvenate grayed wood decks by power washing, sanding the gray wood, and finishing it with a quality wood sealant.  For your fence, we power wash to remove mold and mildew growth, brighteners to enhance, sealant to weatherproof, and years of professional experience.

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